4. Pressurized water at T, = 68 °C flows inside a 7.5-cm inner diameter, 15 m long cylindrical tube (a pipe) with the inside surface temperature maintained at 30 °C. The convective heat transfer coefficient, h, for the water next to the tube surface is 814 W/m²_°C. A. Find the convective heat transfer coefficient in metric (W/m?-K) and Engineering (English) units (Btu/h-ft2-°F). B. What is the heat transfer rate, q, from the tube to the water (in kW), and heat flux from the tube to the water at the inside surface of the tube (in kW/m²)? C. Does the water exit the tube at 68 °C? If so, explain where the thermal energy input from the tube ended up.If not, estimate the new exit temperature for a flow rate of 2.7 kg/s. D. Based on your answer to part C, would you expect the local heat flux near the entrance to the tube to be the same as_, _greater than , or_less than_the local heat flux at the exit of the tube? Why?

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