A 2-step water removal process consists of a separator and a dryer. Water is removed in both the separator and dryer units. An input mixture that is 45 wt% solids enters the separator where some water is removed and exits the process as a pure water stream. The product stream from the separator, which is 70.0 wt% solids and the remainder water, then enters the dryer. The final product stream exits the dryer at 60.0 kg/hr and is 3.5 wt% water. A second stream also exits the dryer and is pure water. A partially completed flowchart is shown below: a) Draw a complete flowchart for this process and state any assumptions. Label all unknown variables appropriately. b) Write and simplify the general balance equation for this process. c) Solve for the mass flow rate of the input mixture and the total amount of water removed per hour. Your work should be neatly organized, labeled, and easy to follow.

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