A 3kg ball A with a speed 12 ms¹ collides with ball B of 1kg at rest. After the collision,ball A has a speed 7 ms¹ (it is moving to the right). Show that after the collision ball B has a speed of 15 ms ¹. The circular track and the balls are all on a horizontal plane. Suppose after the collision, ball B travels 4 metres and enters a big frictionless circular loop (the radius of the track is 2 metres). During the 4 metre journey, ball B experiences a frictional force of 5 N and an accelerating force 13 N. Find its speed when it enters the circular loop. Find the time for B to complete the 4 m journey. Find the centripetal force and centripetal acceleration of the ball in the loop. Find the time taken for the ball to complete a full circle inside the loop.

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