A CAM is to be designed having input speed of 1 rad/s, for a flat face follower with the following motion: Rise for 4 cm during 60° of CAM rotation w ith cycloidal motion. Dwell for the next 30°. During the next 60° of CAM rotation, the follower falls 2 cm with harmonic motion. Dwell for the next 60°. Rise again for 2 cm with 3 – 4 – 5 polynomial for the next 60°. Dwell for the next 30°. Return to the original position with parabolic motion until the end of the cycle. а.Determine all kinematic functions. b.Use Excel to plot all the kinematic functions. с.Find the minimum allowed face length. d.Determine the functions that describes the CAM profile. е.Use excel to find the minimum value of the base circle radios r, (round it up to the next integer). f.Draw the CAM profile using the radius found from part e. All the details of your work must be typed using Microsoft word. All the figures must be included inside theword file with appropriate labeling, legend, and description. You must upload the word and the excel file.

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