a) Identical shunt reactors are connected from each phase conductor to neutral at both ends ofa 300 km line during light load conditions, providing xy% compensation. The reactors are removed during heavy load conditions. Full load is 1 kA at unity power factor and at 400 kV. The A and B parameters for the line are A = 0.932 0.21° and B = 97 87.3°ohms and2the admittance of the equivalent a circuit is y/2=3.7*10-7j7.095*10-4 s Assuming that the sending-end voltage is constant, determine the following: (i) Percentage voltage regulation of the uncompensated line. (ii) The equivalent shunt admittance and series impedance of the compensatedline. (iii) Percentage voltage regulation of the compensated line. b) Draw a single-line schematic with corresponding phasor diagram, and mathematically show how AV and 8V are employed.

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