A Morgantown neighborhood of 10 square miles has the following land uses: 5 square miles of residential area, 3 square miles of commercial area, and 2 square miles of parks. Assume the curve number (CN) for the residential, commercial, and park land uses are 70, 90, and 30,respectively. (a) How much total rainfall (inch) would be required to generate a runoff of 12 inch in that neighborhood? (b) If the rainfall is equally divided among 24 hours, determine the excess rainfall (i.e., run off depth) in each hour. (c) As a function of time (hr) in the x-axis, please plot on the y-axis the rainfall depth (in) in each hour (this is also known as rainfall intensity, in/hr), cumulative rainfall depth (in), cumulative runoff (i.e., rainfall excess) depth (in), and runoff depth (in) on each hour of the 24 hours (which is also known as rainfall excess hyetograph).

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