A new home delivery-focused pizzeria opens up in the neighbourhood. At first, the demand is low,but the pizza's quality is excellent, as well as the delivery times. After a while, the pizzeria gets noticed and is featured in a local online food blog. As a result, the demand for pizza rises sharply.But the pizzeria owners are reluctant to purchase more delivery capacity (pizza delivery vehicles and personnel) along with higher pizza production capacity (additional pizza ovens). That results in higher delivery times and a larger percentage of under cooked pizzas, in turn lowering the number of returning customers. As a result, the pressure for additional investment in both delivery and production capacity is eliminated. The pizzeria owners are happy that they held off on the additional investment. a. List what resources are used by this process (delivery vehicles, ingredients, etc.). At least 4 (including my examples). b. List any entities or subsystems included in the system (internal processes: ordering, baking, etc.). At least 4 (including my examples). Include the items on these lists in your system boundaries diagram as components or inputs. B. Create a list of the inputs entering the system (customers/orders, investment, etc.) and please make sure that the inputs on this list are shown on your system boundaries diagram. At least 3(including my examples). C. Outputs (Given): Profit, Sales Volume, and Excessive Delivery Times. Please just make sure to include the three given outputs in your system boundaries diagram. D. Boundaries of the System/External Factors: List at least two elements that exist in the surroundings of the system that do not need to be included within the system boundary and place these outside of your system boundaries diagram.

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