A piston cylinder device contains air at 20 °C and 0.14 MPa. The initial volume is 0.3 m'. The piston is slowly compressed in an isothermal process from state 1 to state 2 until the final volume becomes 0.06 m. а.Can we treat air as ideal gas under these conditions? Give your answer based on ideal gas criteria we see in the class. b. Determine the mass of air in the cylinder C.Determine the pressure of the air in the cylinder at state 2. At state 2, a pressure-relief valve is attached on top of the cylinder such that the valve opens when pressure inside reaches 0.7 MPa and allows air to escape. The piston compressed further from state 2 to state 3 until the final volume becomes 0.03 m and final temperature becomes 244 K. d. Determine the amount of mass that escapes from the pressure-relief valve.

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