A stripping column is used to separate acetone (MVC) from ethanol at 101.325 kPa. The column has a partial reboiler and no condenser. The feed, 60 mole % ethanol, is a saturated liquid fed from the top of the column at 160 kmol/h. In the bottom product, 20 mole % acetone composition is desired.. Boil up ratio[V/B] used in this process is 4. Use the VLE graph below to label data and draw feed and operating lines.

1. Calculate the flow rates of the top and bottom products (D and B). 2. Calculate distillate composition. 3. Using McCabe-Thiele method, determine the total number of stages. \text { 4. Show and mention }[\overline{\mathrm{L}} / \overline{\mathrm{V}}]_{\max } \text { in the graph, and calculate }[\overline{\mathrm{V}} / \mathrm{B}]_{\operatorname{mim}} \text {. } 5. Sketch the distillation system and label all the input and output streams and stream compositions.Show Land V streams of in the sketch. [10 Points]

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