a) What are the advantages of V-belts over flat belts? b) List the advantages and disadvantages of V-belts compared to chain drives. c) Explain why there is a minimum recommended sheave diameter for V-belts (a) What is a shaft and what are the shafts used for? (b) What are the loads carried by a shafts and how is the shaft different from a beam? (c) What failure theory is recommended for the design and analysis of a shaft? a) Why Tolerances and Fits are required in design? b) What is the difference between tolerance and fit? c) Define bilateral and unilateral tolerance a) What is a power screw? What are power screws used for? b) What is ‘self-locking' of power screw? What is the condition for self-locking? c) What is the difference between a bolt, a screw and a stud?

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