AP5.4 The speed control of a high-speed train is repre- sented by the system shown in Figure AP5.4 [17]. Determine the equation for steady-state error for K for a unit step

input r(t). Consider the three values for K equal to 1, 10, and 100. R(s) (a) Determine the steady-state error. (b) Determine and plot the response y(t) for (i) a unit step input R(s) = 1/s and (ii) a unit step distur- bance input (s) = 1/s. (c) Create a table showing overshoot, settling time (with a 2% criterion), ess for r(t), and ly/talmax for the three values of K. Select the best compromise value. + E(s) K Disturbance Ta(s) + + Train dynamics 15 (s + 5)(s + 7) Y(s) Speed

Fig: 1