Assignment 2 Recall the memo you submitted in week 4 for Part I of the Training Project. Assume that the CEO of FEF, Inc has approved your suggested training. Create a PowerPoint that you will present to the employees of FEF, Inc. to address the discrimination issue you detailed in the memo. Your PPT should be no fewer than 10 slides. You must include a cover slide and a references slide (in APA format). The cover and references slides are IN ADDITION to the (minimum of) 10 required slides. The PowerPoint presentation must: 1. Explain the applicable law to the intended audience 2. Provide thorough treatment of the topic (s) selected, including actionable steps the company should take to avoid issues around discrimination 3. Adhere to general standards for good use of Power Points. Note that your creative use of technology will be assessed in this project. Some useful tips can be found in the following articles: presentation-f43156b0-20d2-4c51-8345-0c337cefb88b 3. Include Notes for each slide. Notes should expand on the content of the slide to explain the key points. Optional: Instead of Notes, expand on the content on the slides by using recorded narration (if you've never used this awesome feature in Power Point, you can learn more about it here timings-0b9502c6-5f6c-40ae-b1e7-e47d8741161c If you include narration, you MUST INDICATE THIS IN THE SUBMISSIONS COMMENTS. To receive full credit for this submission, you must attach two separate files for my assessment: The PowerPoint presentation (remember to note in the submission comments if you have included recorded audio or video narration) A SEPARATE Word or PDF document with all slides AND NOTES. If you are unsure how to create this file, please review the step-by- step directions here: powerpoint-handouts-in-word-09256fc0-3b3e-4a43-9c83-3cfde594fed4

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