Assignment Tasks In this assignment, you will research the topic on corporate financing decisions of multinational firms and write a research report to answer the following 3 (or 4) questions: 1. Based on the capital structure theories, discuss how firms make financing decisions. In general, what are major factors to consider when making capital structure decisions?For multinational firms, what are the additional factors to consider when marking financing decisions? You can base your discussion on the research paper "The Corporate Finance of Multinational Firms". You can download the paper from SSRN at Find a real corporate financing case of a multinational firm and demonstrate how the multinational firm raise capital in practice. Discuss whether it is consistent with capital theories or not and explain why or why not. What are the obstacles (e.g., government interventions) confronting the capital raising of the multinational firm? Note: in your discussion, you should first briefly describe the case. You can use some data from corporate financial report, press release, earnings conference call and some charts to support your arguments.3. Discuss how the rise of nationalism will affect the international financial markets and corporate financing decisions of both domestic and multinational firms. Assignment Presentation Requirements:1. Use Portrait orientation. 2. Use Times New Roman font, size 12 points. 3. Use 1.5 spacing. 4. Use A4 paper. 5. Maximum 1, 500 words. Tables, diagrams, and the reference list are not included in word count. You may exceed the word count by 10%. Please DO NOT attach any appendix to your assignment and DO NOT show unnecessary workings (e.g., a fully page Excel model) in your assignment. 6. Make sure to edit your assignment before submitting. The font, size, alignment, line space must be consistent throughout. Tables and diagrams should be numbered and captioned. You are expected to use tables and diagrams to summarize or emphasize findings but the information in a table/diagram must be referred to and clearly explained in-text. 7 . Referencing: Make sure to acknowledge your data resources appropriately. Citations and the reference list must be prepared following Harvard style referencing. The report must contain the following:1. Cover page 2. Section 1. Introduction - Provide a road map of how the essay is structured. 3. Body - Include at least 3 (or 4) sections to answer the 3 (or 4) questions that are listed in the assignment tasks. Use section headings, such as Section 2. Capital Structure determinants, Section 3. Case study, and Section 4. Future trends.4. Section 5. Conclusion - This is not a summary, but states some of the key issues you have found from the research and why it is important to managing firms. 5. Bibliography Submission Marking Criteria See excel for the marking rubric.

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