Case #1 Alexa comes from a close-knit Chinese family. Her parents came to the United States from Beijing in 1981 so that her father could attend college. Alexa was born in California, and her parents chose to remain in the U.S. Although they are comfortable in their adopted homeland, they remain very traditional about certain things. In particular, they expect Alexa to marry a Chinese boy. Alexa, however, doesn't see things the same way. When she went away to college, she was open to dating people from every ethnicity. She started seeing Brian, an Irish Catholic guy, two months into their freshman year. Now a junior, Alexa is expecting a visit from her parents, and Brian would like to meet them. The ethical questions: 1. Should Alexa introduce Brian to her family? Why or why not? 2. Is it racist for Alexa's parents to oppose interracial relationships? 3. How would ethical egoists advise you to answer this question? 4. How would you answer this question?