Chapter 2 1-What is the most fundamental difference between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2? 2-What unique phenomenon happens to Billy Pilgrim? Describe the effect it has on him. (Consider, for example, his experience giving a speech to the Lions Club after being elected president.) Based on the information in this chapter, what do you think is the source or nature of this phenomenon? 3-Describe the Tralfamadorians as depicted by Billy. What characteristic philosophical beliefs and attitudes do they have? How is “so it goes” a reflection of their philosophy? Why does Billy feel compelled to tell people about them? 4-Based on the descriptions of him and the actions he takes (or doesn’t take) in this chapter, describe Billy Pilgrim as he is during the war. What is the tone of the narration in depicting him? 5-Describe Roland Weary. What insights into his character does the chapter provide? 6-In the context of an anti-war novel, what do Billy and Roland represent—what are they examples of? Consider the important characteristics they have in common despite all their differences. 7-Find examples of irony in this chapter.