Choose one media program or article that deals with an issue related to the variables we are exploring in this course: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or social class. Examples of acceptable media include a newspaper article, a radio program, a television show, or a movie. Find these via the Capella library or online. Feel free to choose a topic or media source that is either domestic or global in content. Then, write an essay that includes a brief summary of the main event or issues in your article or program, clarifying how the event or issue connects to this course. Your essay should accomplish the following: 1. Discuss sociological theories appropriate for promoting understanding of a diversity concept. o Include relevant examples from the article or program to illustrate your points. 2. Discuss how a media piece may affect or might have been influenced by policy and power. o Consider how individuals in power influence decisions regarding how issues are portrayed. This can include corporate executives, lobbyists, special interest groups, or those who own a particular newspaper, channel, or media conglomerate. 3. Discuss how minority and dominant groups are portrayed in a media piece to understand influences on discrimination. o Relate your discussion to Merton's typology of prejudice and discrimination from the Merton's Typology of Prejudice and Discrimination interactive. 4. Analyze data that is appropriate for supporting or refuting the central tenets of your media piece. o If data (statistical information) is cited in your media selection, you may go to that source and analyze it yourself; then consult an additional source that supports or refutes the data presented. 5. Apply in text the standard writing conventions for the discipline, including structure, voice, person, tone, and citation formatting.

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