Computer Assignment 2 1. Given the system below: 2. Given the system below: Write a program in Matlab for the problem above that does the following (provide printouts of your code, root locus plot, damping ratio lines, and step response): a- Display the root locus and pause (use command “rlocus”) b- Display a close-up of the root locus where the axes go from -2 to 2 on the real axis and -2 to 2 on the imaginary axis (use the commands “subplot” and “axis”) c- Overlay the 0.707 damping ratio line on the close-up root locus. (use command “sgrid”) d- Allow yourself to select interactively the point where the root locus crosses the 0.707 damping ratio line and give yourself the gain at that point (use command “rlocfind”) e- Generate the step response at the gain for 0.707 damping ratio (use command “step”)

Fig: 1

Fig: 2