Design an AC/DC power supply to meet a set of specifications given below: Specifications: The output load current is 100 mA while the output voltage is to remain V out

=12 V and produce an output with a ripple of not more than 3%. Use cut-in voltage for VD1,VD2, VD3, VD4 as 0.7 V. Design Approach: The circuit configuration to be designed followed was discussed in class.A diode bridge circuit with an RC filter and a Zener diode will be in parallel with the output load are used. Choices: An AC input voltage with an rms value of Vin = 110 V at 60 Hz is available. A Zener diode with a Zener voltage of Vzo= 12 V and a Zener resistance of r 2 that can operate over a current range of 10

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