Design an AC/DC power supply to meet a set of specifications given below: Specifications: The output load current is 100 mA while the output voltage is to remain V out =12 V and produce an output with a ripple of not more than 3%. Use cut-in voltage for VD1,VD2, VD3, VD4 as 0.7 V. Design Approach: The circuit configuration to be designed followed was discussed in class.A diode bridge circuit with an RC filter and a Zener diode will be in parallel with the output load are used. Choices: An AC input voltage with an rms value of Vin = 110 V at 60 Hz is available. A Zener diode with a Zener voltage of Vzo= 12 V and a Zener resistance of r 2 that can operate over a current range of 10 <Iz< 100 mA is available.Also, chose your own transformer (you should specify the number if turns in the primary and secondary coils of the transformer). a) Show the complete circuit of the AC/DC converter and label all components b) Calculate all relevant parameters in the AC/DC power supply. Show all calculations of the relevant parameters (R, C, Np, Ns, Vs, Rin, VDI, VD2, VD3, VD4, Iz, IL, Vr, IDavg, IDpeak, PIV...)

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