Determine the exit pressure of the air. The exit pressure of the air is________kPa. NOTE: This is a multi-part question. Once an answer is submitted, you will be unable to return to this part.Steam flows steadily through an adiabatic turbine. The inlet conditions of the steam are 4 MPa, 500°C, and 80 m/s and the exit conditions are 30 kPa, 92 percent quality, and 50 m/s. The mass flow rate of the steam is 11.8 kg/s. The properties of the steam are v1 = 0.086442 \mathrm{~m}^{3} / \mathrm{kg}, h_{1}=3446 \mathrm{~kJ} / \mathrm{kg}, \text { and } h_{2}=2437.7 \mathrm{~kJ} / \mathrm{kg} .

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