For the following tasks, indicate the type of goal involved and one or more mnemonics that would be useful for the situation described. What should you do when learning and recalling ineach of these situations? a) studying for a physiology exam that involves learning Latin names for body parts b) remembering where you left your car at the time you park it c) remembering where you left your car hours later when you realize that you can't find it d) considering all of the factors in deciding whether to spend Spring break in Florida with friends or with your kid sister in Paris. e) helping a friend remember a joyous childhood experience f) learning the part for a lead role in a school play g) learning a random list of digits in the order in which they were presented h) learning the value of pi to 12 decimal places i) recalling where you were on New Year's Eve j) remembering to stop for a paper on your way home from work k) Learning your new telephone number. I) Learning the main themes in Shakespeare's collected works.

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