For this assignment, you need to write a program that • Parse the input of a combination of (1) a string representing a Boolean formula and (2) a string representing an assignment into a Boolean formula syntax tree and an assignment map. Output the evaluation result of the formula on the assiginment. • Continuously take input from standard input, and output to standard output. Errors shall also be output to standard output, but should always start with "Error:" followed by a brief description. Your program should terminate gracefully (and quietly) once it sees EOF. Your program should not generate any extraneous output; for example, do not print out prompt strings such as "please enter input" and things like that. • Write your code in C++. • Ensure that it compiles with the C++ compilor on and runs on (Use to log-in from off-campus; then follow the instructions to connect to eceubuntu.) • You can modify the skeleton as you wish, but you may only #include the following libraries (and no others!) for the current assignment: iostream, fstream, sstream, iomanip, string, utility, exception, vector, and map.

Fig: 1