Giving back in where it's at! Sports serving the deserving! Your goal is to identify and research a sports figure, an athlete or sport manager, who has taken their time, their energy, their platform, and possibly even their money to give back to others. They are demonstrating their own values and their morals in this ethical decision to help others! 1. Research the sports figure, an athlete or sport manager, and give us a brief paragraph history of their athletic/management accomplishments 2. Research their way of "giving back" to others and describe in two-three paragraphs what the mission, goals, and contributions of the effort or organization that s/he has created or participates in 3. State what the values are that this athlete or sport manager is demonstrating in his/her efforts and how you believe this "cause" is fitting for this person-how is this person demonstrating "sports serving the deserving"? 4. Post your Response in the Discussion, with two references cited in your paper and in your bibliography 5. Respond to two of your classmates' Posts with additional research, questions, or any other contribution that helps to build the Discussion for all

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