HW 6 LeChatelier's Principle 1. Le Chatelier Concentration 2 Le Chatelier: Volume 3. Le Chatelier Temperature Preparation Question Question 4. Le Chatelier Endo or Exothermic B Progress: p/s groups Due Jun 22 at 11:05 PM Finish Assignment 1 pts 2req 67°F Partly sunny 1 pts 2req 1 pts 2req 5 Le Chatelier, Summary True/False 1 pts 2eq 1 pts 2req O Not Visited [Review Topics) References] Use the References to access important values if needed for this question. Consider the following system at equilibrium where AH198 kJ, and K, 2.90 x 102, at 1150 K 2SO3(g) 2SO₂(g) + O₂(g) If the temperature on the equilibrium system is suddenly decreased: The value of Ke Oincreases O decreases O remains the same The value of Qe O is less than Ke O is greater than Ke Ois equal to Ke The reaction must Orun in the forward direction to reestablish equilibrium Orun in the reverse direction to reestablish equilibrium O remain in the current position, since it is already at equilibrium The concentration of O₂ will Oincrease Odecrease O remain the same Submit Answer Retry Entire Group more group attempts remaining Show Hint Q Search Cengage Learning Cengage Technical Support Previous Email Instructor Next Save and 724 e ENG 8:00 - 5/22/2

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