(i) The forces in Fig 1 are balanced in the x and y directions.Calculate the forces E and R, to a precision of 3 decimal places.

A vector has magnitude 5.672m/s at an angle of 129.602° to the x-axis Calculate the components of the vector in the x and y directions, to an accuracy of 3 decimal places(4 marks) b) Given two 2-dimensional vectors a=5.1761-3.824j and b=1.967i+4.509j,calculate q+D |a+b c) Given the Points A(-2,1,4), B(1,3,-2) and C(3,0,1) in a 3-dimensional system asin Fig 2., calculate the area of the triangle ABC.If D is the mid-point of line BC calculate the vector DA(11 marks)

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