Identify the principles and guidelines discussed in the Position Statement. Analyze two of the five scenarios below using the Position Statement to determine which of the 12 principles and five guidelines apply to this situation. Write a paragraph reflection on each of the scenarios selected. Scenario 1 As a new teacher entering a first grade classroom during the middle of the school year you observe several students who have a hard time interacting with their classmates. One boy, Bradley, is constantly hitting other students, ripping the paperwork of other students, and he will not follow your directions. A teacher from another class mentions that Bradley "acts out" whenever there is a change in the environment. Juan, another boy in the class, does not speak English well, and as a result acts out his frustration by hitting, kicking, and biting the other students in the class. Finally, Laquisha keeps to herself and rarely plays or interacts with the other students. When students try to interact with her, she moves away or cries. However, Laquisha is one of the smartest students in the class.