Ina chemical processing plant a liquid is pumped froman open tank, through a 0.1-m-diameter vertical pipe,and into another open tank as shown in the figure (a).A valve is located in the pipe, and the minor losscoefficient for the valve as a function of the valvesetting is shown in figure (b). The pump headcapacity relationship is given by the equation ha =52.0-1.01×10³Q² with ha in meters when Q isin m³/s. Assume the friction factor f = 0.02 for the pipe, and all minor losses, except for thevalve, are negligible. The flu id levels in the two tanks can be assumed to remain constant. (a)Determine the flow rate with the valve wide open. (b) Determine the required valve setting(percent open) to reduce the flow rate by 50%.]Pa ing

Fig: 1