Instructions In your case study paper, you will address the following questions: 1. Explain how software, technology and equipment has improved the systems for Argos five-year transformation program. Please be explicit in your response 2. Identify two outstanding challenges that remain with respect to customer relationship management for our gross five-year transformation program. Please be explicit in your response 3. Describe two types of innovations that are gross utilized with respect to materials management and handling in their supply chain process for the five-year transformation program. 4. People have always been considered vital ingredients in any successful enterprise supply chain. Discuss how the employee training programs in our gross five-year transformation program assisted to optimize employee participation and effectiveness. You will submit a paper of at least 500 words, not including title or reference page. This case study paper is worth 100 points. You will need use at least one source, the course textbook, to support the conclusions provided. All references are to be from academic journals, professional or academic textbooks, authored websites, or standard business publications, such as The Wall Street Journal. No more than 15% of the content can be taken directly from all sources. This means if Turnltln is used, then the similarity index must be 15% or lower. The final score of the case study will be reduced by one point for each percentage point over 15%.

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