Instructions: Please answer the following questions, using the information provided on the City of Greensboro 2022 ACFR, posted under Modules (City_of_Greenboro_ACFR). Please clearly indicate the page number (printed on the PDF document) of the ACFR from which you got the answer (s) to each question. An answer which does not state the page number (printed on the PDF document) of the report from which it was taken will earn you no credit. General ACFR Questions 1. What are the major sections of the ACFR? Government's annual comprehensive financial report (CAFR) is divided into four main sections: the introduction section, the introduction section, Statistical Section (pg. 183), Single Audit Section (pg. 221) 2. What are the items covered under the introduction section? 3. What are the main elements of the financial statements section? 4. What is covered by the statistical section?

Fig: 1