Instructions: you have to correct the introduction which the student has written according to the given instructions and please read the feedback to complete this work in a better way here is my intro In the realm of the subject of gender, sexuality, and identity, the Queer Theory stands as a radiant challenge to conventional norms and perceptions that have defined the facets of human existence. The theory serves as an essential catalyst urging us to act on a profound reevaluation and deconstruction of the societal constructs that have confined these aspects of our lives. In essence, the theory asserts that the notions of gender, sexuality, and identity are not fixed or predetermined characteristics, but rather social constructs formed by the shaping forces of society itself. As we delve into the literary work of Judith Butler's essay "Imitation and Gender Insubordination" Butler argues that gender is not innate or fixed but is a result of performances and actions. Her philosophy is rooted in the theory and serves as a guiding philosophy that finds resonance and application in Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth. Smith's novel delves into the lives of characters who navigate the complexities of identity and self-expression within a diverse society, mirroring Butler's theories. here is her feedback The intro presents a vague parameter that includes Butlter's queer theory and Smith's White Teeth. Yet, you don't present a solid thesis. here is my research question How does Judith Butler's Queer Theory, as presented in Imitation and Gender Insubordination provide insights into the representation of gender, sexuality, and identity in Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth?

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