Integration of EV Converter/Inverter stations and PV farm on Power Quality of Grids using PSCAD With the increasing penetration of renewable energy. Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs) are gradually replacing synchronous generators in power grids. Present-day IBR control may be insufficient to ensure grid stability in a future inverter dominated power grids. One of the main causes of instability is poor power quality. In this assignment you will be investigating the power quality of a typical IBR grid as shown in the circuit of the figure below. The figure consists of a single phase 240 Vrms, 50 Hz source and: • Three resistive loads. Each load has a resistance of 48 0. • Three EV charging converters/Inverters through a 24 resistor. • A solar farm that is composed of 15 PV panels. Each panel has a rating of 24 V and current of 15 A. Panels are connected in series and parallel to provide an output voltage and current of 240 Vrms and 45 A respectively. 240 Vrms 50 Hz V, 1,1 Transmission Line 1 TL1 -0.05 SL Transmission Line 2 TL2 = 0.05 P Converter Mini Solar Farm N 24 480 450 82 Converter/Inverter 240 EV 480 53 Load/nDemonstration of the above concept will be achieved with the following steps: I. Construct the skeleton of the given circuit in PSCAD. Design appropriate Inverters/Converters for this circuit. Calculate all the required values for each circuit component etc. Measure voltage and current at the generator side and then investigate the quality of measured V, I and frequency for the following scenarios: II. III. IV. a) The circuit operating under fully normal conditions (without the EV charging/discharging stations and Solar farm) b) The circuit operating in semi normal condition (some of the EV charging stations and the solar farm are switched in) c) The circuit operating under no normal conditions (the EV charging stations and/or solar farm are switched in and out). Marking Scheme Introduction and Literature Review Design of Inverters and converters Creating various scenarios with the given switches in the above circuit. Construction of the above circuit in PSCAD Results and Analysis: Demonstration of scenarios with the constructed circuit in PSCAD Conclusion and report presentation 10 Marks References 10 Marks Bonus for employment of PV module and EV Module 10 Marks 10 Marks 10 Marks 20 Marks 10 Marks 20 Marks

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