It is the year 2023, in a fertilizer plant, ammonium sulphate is produced by reaction of ammonia and an aqueous diluted solution of sulfuric acid. A colleague from your team, a mechanical engineer, was tasked to size a heat exchanger to safely prepare solutions of sulfuric acid, but he is not familiar with the thermodynamic calculations. You know that water is available at 100 F, whereas 40 wt. % sulfuric acid is available at 120 F. Your colleague is in a rush to have a preliminary design and needs you to answer the following calculations quickly. 1. If 450 lbm of the 40 wt% sulfuric acid is mixed with 175 lbm of pure water, what is the resulting solution concentration? 2. You were asked to inform the engineer the amount of heat required in BTU if the final solution is needed at 100 F? Is the heat added or removed? 3. As a safety precaution, you were also tasked to determine the final temperature of the solution if the mixing was carried out adiabatically./nSEP Mul/solution 140 120 100 BO 60 -40 -60 -80 -100 120 -140 0 10 20 30 209 40 50 60 WL% H₂SO, 150 160 70 80 90 100 51

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