it331m1-networking-skills-for-project-succes-instructions_1692936492202 You review the professional organizations for the following criteria: the code of conduct, ethics statements, membership fees, benefits and mission statements you found in your search (mentioned above). You are open to conducting additional research to find one which meets the criteria. At the end of the search, you decide to choose one of the organizations for further review. After reviewing the professional organization websites above, you do the following: 1. Identify the professional organization of your choice, provide an overview of the Information Technology Infrastructure (ITIL) Certification and include the following: 1. The name of the chosen organization and the reason for the choice. 2. An explanation demonstrating the importance of the ITIL certification and the benefits of the certification to an IT professional. 3. The cost of the ITIL certification. 2. Next, you identify the costs and benefits of the professional IT organization's membership. You discuss whether the cost of becoming a member in the professional association of your choice provides more benefits than joining one of the free networking sites, such as LinkedInⓇ or Monster®? 3. You include the following in your report: 1. An explanation of how the code of conduct for the organization of your choice and the ITIL service management could contribute to your understanding of your social responsibilities were you to become a member of the organization. 2. A clear contrast between a free networking site (pros and cons of the free networking site) and that of the organization. 3. A brief discussion of the way(s) in which the professional organization you picked provides leadership. 4. A brief discussion of how the key concepts of Service Management combined with networking skills could add value to your career and be beneficial to an IT professional.

Fig: 1