Just need the templates to be filled out correctly according to the reference files given and need the final report to be updated. Add template to the final report and add the citations to it on the final report copy No limit just need to be filled out correctly, APA Style to be followed/nProject Name: 1. Methodology 2. Roles and Responsibilities 3. Budget and Schedule 4. Risk Categories 5. Risk Probability and Impact 6. Risk Documentation/nProject Name: Introduction Quality Standards Metrics Problem Reporting and Corrective Action Process Supplier Quality and Control/nProject Name: 1. Stakeholder communications requirements: 2. Communications summary: Stakeholders Communications Name Weekly status report Project steering committee Sponsor and champion report Monthly status Affected Project employees announcement Delivery Method/Format Hard copy and short meeting Hard copy and short meeting Memo, e-mail, intranet site, and announcement at department meetings Producer Kristin Maur Kristin Maur Lucy Camerena and Mike Sundby Due/Frequency Wed. mornings at 9 AM First Thursday of month at 10 AM July 1, 2007/nProject team 3. Comments/Guidelines: Short meeting 4. Escalation procedures for resolving issues: 5. Revision procedures for this document: 6. Glossary of common terminology: All team members Tues. afternoons at 2:00.

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