KD5066 Assignment - 2023/24 Analog Communications Produce a report describing each section. Include equations, schematics and results where necessary. Part A: Analog Communications Review Modulation methods within Analog Communications have evolved considerably over the last century. Produce a report outlining the key analog modulation methods. Within your report discuss each of the major techniques. You are required to describe the operation of each technique, how to generate each technique and the major advantages and disadvantage of each technique. (As a guideline this should be approximately 1000 words) Part B: Single Audio Signal Transmission An audio signal described below is to be transmitted using a radio signal. V=2cos (27*10³) t Propose 3 different ways to do this. Include choice of frequency, carrier frequency, bandwidth, modulation index, etc. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type and suggest the most appropriate method - justify all decisions. Part C: Multiple Audio Signal Wireless Transmission Three audio signals described below is to be transmitted on the same wireless channel. Signal 1 has a frequency response from 2KHz to 4KHz Signal 2 has a frequency response from 2KHz to 4KHz Signal 3 has a frequency response from 4KHz to 8KHz Design a system to achieve this. You should include the frequency response at each stage. You should also justify all key decisions.

Fig: 1