LAB SUBMISSION Always be sure your linux prompt reflects the correct directory or folder where all of your files to be submitted reside. If you are not in the directory with your files, the following will not work correctly. You must submit all your lab assignments electronically to Carmen in zip file format. The format of zip command is as follows: [jones.5684@fl1 lab4] $ zip <zip_filename> <files-to-submit> where <zip_filename> is the name of the file you want zip to add all of your files to and <files-to- submit is a list of the file(s) that make up the lab. Remember that you have to be at the correct location (the designated directory) for the command to be able to find your files-to-submit. For lab4, the zip command would look like this: [jones.5684@fl1 lab4] $ zip lab4 <all lab4.c files> lab4.h Makefile Once you execute the command, you should find a file in your lab4 directory called; this is the file that must be put in Carmen. IMPORTANT: Prior to uploading the file to Carmen, I suggest creating a separate directory and putting a copy of your file there. Run unzip and then run make. This should verify for you that you have included all needed files in your that are required to create your lab4 executable. Many times, I've seen students inadvertently miss a file or two in the .zip file, then, while grading, we can't create a program to test and the student gets a 0 on the lab. This lab takes too much work to have such a simple error cause such an outcome. Please do something to check that all files are included.

Fig: 1