"Median": workers' median earnings. "Rank": the major's rank based on the median earnings. Please use matplotlib to analyze the relationship between the major's rank and the workers' median earnings, the 1/4 of earnings of the major field, and the 3/4 of earnings of the major field. Describe your conclusion in detail. You should put all plots in 1 figure. (3 pts) b) A frequency distribution shows how often each different value in a set of data occurs. A histogram is the most used graph to show frequency distributions. Please use the histogram to analyze workers median earnings and describe your conclusion in detail. (2 pts) c) Please show the majors (shown in the "Major" column) with the top six median salaries using a bar plot. (1 pts) d) Please sum the total (shown in the "Total" column) of each major category (shown in the "Major_category" column) using pandas. Then you should divide those with a total amount of more than 120000 into one group and those with a total amount of less than 120000 into another group. Finally, please draw pie charts to analyze the proportion of the total amount of different major categories in each group. (4 pts)/nData Visualization 9. (10 pts) In this question, you will use pandas and matplotlib to analyze data from the American Community Survey 2010-2012 Public Use Microdata Sample Download the data from " grads.csv" with pandas. A DataFrame object should be returned. a) The returned DataFrame object from (a) contains some information about graduates earnings: • "P25th": the 1/4 of earnings of each major field. "P75th": the 3/4 of earnings of each major field.

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