Midterm Assignment: Students will individually develop a review and critical analysis of an existing state-of-the-art technology in the AEC industry through an in depth literature, web, and project search and review. The presentation and report will include the following elements: Description of the AEC problem to be solved • Selection of an existing example of technology in the AEC to solve the problem . • Description of the operation prior to development and implementation e.g., for automation for optimization for integration etc.... . • Description of the technologies' components, system(s), user journey and control strategy, etc. • Discussion and evaluation of the technologies' performance (robustness, reliability, scalability, user satisfaction, etc.) • Critical review of the technology and suggestions to improve the use cases for the technology in the AEC Students will prepare a report that is 4000 words, not including figures and/or tables. Reports will be submitted in PDF format. The midterm assignment report is due per the schedule below. Each student will prepare and deliver a 10 min presentation about their midterm during that week of the class. The presentation will be handed in as a PDF along with the midterm report. Naming Convention for all submissions is as follows: lastname_firstname_project_01_CE573-F23.PDF

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