Need an Informative Speech Topic - why hospice is beneficial (you must cite at least three sources) You will need to formally cite the sources in your outline, out loud during your speech, and on a Works Cited page. Remember that your Works Cited page must follow specific MLA formatting requirements, and therefore must be submitted as a file upload. For this assignment, deliver a 5-7 minute speech, making sure it meets the requirements under "Topic Selection" to the right. No matter what your topic, it will require at least three quality sources. Each of these sources needs to be cited orally during your speech. You also need to make sure your sources are included on your works cited page. 1.) What is the Specific Purpose of your topic? Be sure to use proper form, including "To Inform." 2.) What is the Thesis Statement of your topic? 3.) How will you connect your preferred topic to your audience? 4.) What pattern of organization might best fit your preferred topic? Why? 5.) What questions do you have about how best to succeed with your preferred topic?