Paper 2A is an Example Essay. It will be four or five paragraphs long, exactly. It will be 400 words long (375-450 max). Provide a word count, only the number, at the bottom of the last page. Be sure to label and space the paper correctly and to provide a descriptive title. The format for this paper should be exactly as required. Your topic and thesis statement will be a GENERALIZATION: . See some suggested generalizations/thesis statements in your textbook and here below. Consider choosing a topic that is meaningful to you. For example, the past couple of years since the start of the pandemic have been trying and eventful, if not awful, for most everyone. Some people have also considered the gifts or positive aspects of this historic and also personally reflective time. . o Make a general statement about your own pandemic experience, and support it with three concrete examples. Your examples may take the form of a brief narrative in your intro (an anecdote makes a good hook) and in a body paragraph or two, OR it can take the form of a description of some positive (or negative) aspect of your experience. o Note that this paper is not a comparison, so provide either all positive or all negative examples. If at least half the class writes about this topic, we could also create a "zine" or our own little magazine of the essays. Let's discuss that! . You will bring your topic written down to class and have it approved. • You will bring your topic and an outline in DISCUSSIONS by class time when due. You may also bring a draft of the first page of the paper (the intro and first body paragraph) to class AS WE WILL BEGIN WORKING ON THIS ESSAY IN CLASS when requested. SEE ANNOUNCEMENTS. Begin the INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH WITH A BRIEF HOOK (perhaps a short example or quote or question). Provide background and lead up to your thesis statement, which is your generalization and the main idea of the paper. Your THESIS STATEMENT WILL BE THE LAST SENTENCE OF YOUR INTRO PARAGRAPH. The BODY PARAGRAPHS will each present and describe AN EXAMPLE that supports the thesis. Be sure your examples are clear and descriptive. The CONCLUSION paragraph will be brief but at least three complete sentences. It will remind the reader of the THESIS, but not state the thesis exactly. REMINDERS: . Be clear, descriptive and coherent. • Use transitions to move from one topic or detail to another. Repeat key words from your thesis statement in the rest of the paper. .

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