Part II: Complete Michael's 2023 Form 4562 using the information in #1-5 above, Scenario 1 in Part 1. There are sample form 4562s included in your Chapter 8 lecture notes in Blackboard from Examples 18, 20 and 26 and also from homework 40 (which you can see after the homework deadline is past) so you can see how the form should look. There is also a sample form 4562 in Chapter 8 on page 8-26 as part of Example 40. Go to and search for Form 4562. If the 2023 final form version is not available, use a draft form for the current year which you can find in the Tax Cases folder in BB or at this link: ( You must save the form first to your computer. Then fill it in, re-save with your changes and upload along with this worksheet to the dropbox. It must be a 2023 tax form, draft or final. If you prefer, you can write in the amounts and scan or take a picture of the completed tax form, like you do in your tax cases.

Fig: 1