Physics 481: Math Methods Assignment 4 Reading Arfken, et al. Chapter 19 through section 19.2, chapter 20 through section 20.4. Do the following problems. All are 10 points each, except for problem 1. 1. A function f(x) has a period of 2n, and f (x) = x for –n < x < n. What is the Fourier series for this function, in terms of (a) sines and cosines (Eq. (19.1)of the textbook) and (b) exponential form (Eq. (19.4) of the textbook)? Write your answer in terms of En f (n) sin(…) + ...g(n) are algebraic expressions that do not include trigonometric functions. [15 points]and En g(n) et where An) and

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