PROBLEM DESCRIPTION You are required to create a webpage to implement a program to process data related to a pet service company based on the logic designed for the previous assignment's flowchart and pseudocode. The webpage will include JavaScript code in order to calculate Total Price, Discount, Sales Tax and Final Cost of the bill. You will also follow a sequence of inputs and outputs in your program. The original rules about the logic required are listed below: The Pet-tastic pet shop has expanded their footprint to include a "Pet Spa". They have outlined additional services they can now offer to both new pet owners and existing pet owners. For now, a customer may only select a purchase for their existing pet OR adopt a new pet. • For Current Pet Owners o Dogs are offered a full grooming service for $55 o Cats are offered a nail trimming for $25 (these services are performed by default when an owner arrives). • When adopting a pet, the cost of adoption is $95, plus the following optional add-ons depend- ing on the pet type: o Cat adoption: ■Starter package: $20 for a food/water bowl and 20lb bag of food and cat toy pack • 1 year nail trimming: $100 Dog adoption: ■Food package: $40 for a food/water bowl and 50lb bag of food and dog toy pack 1 year full grooming: $350 Pet-tastic frequent shopper members get an additional 10% off any purchase Inputs: • CustomerType: Text-Owner or Adoption • PetType: Text - Dog or Cat • CatStarter: Yes or No • DogStarter: Yes or No • DogGroomPerYear: Yes or No • CatNailPerYear: Yes or No • FreqShopper: Yes or No Outputs: • Total price (pre-tax). • Shopper Discount (if member). • Sales Tax amount to be added to the bill (7% rounded up to the nearest cent). • Final Cost of the bill (including the tax).

Fig: 1