Psychology Article Summary-Guidelines You are responsible for finding, summarizing, and giving feedback on TWO scholarly research articles dealing research studies that are related to what we are studying this term in our Psychology class. The following are you expectations for the assignment: • The articles that you find must be less than 15 years old. • The article must discuss the issues surrounding a topic of related to the Psychology class that you are enrolled in (Human Growth and Development, Abnormal Psychology, etc.) and cannot simply be an account of a news story or an informational reference site, such as The summaries and feedback must both be in paragraph form • A separate reference page must be submitted with the assignment outlining the citation information for the articles • Five (5) extra points per article will be granted if an additional article is cited that gives an opposing view of that discussed in the article that you summarize. You would only need to briefly state what the opposing view is and list the source of the opposing article on your reference sheet. • The summaries and feedback should be submitted through Moodle as either a pdf or Word document. Feedback • Is this topic important to the field of Psychology? Why? • Do you think that the article gave enough information about the topic? Why or why not? • What additional information do you think would have been helpful for the article to be more informative? • Do you agree with the results of the research or the conclusions suggested by the article? Why or why not? • Do you think that the article was a trustworthy source of information? Why or why not? • What are some questions (at least two) that personally come to mind after reading the article?