Q1 (a) The temperature at the inner and outer surfaces of a boiler wall made of 35 mm thick steel and covered with an insulating material of 20 mm thickness are 450 °C and 700 °C respectively. If the thermal conductivities of steel and insulating material are 78 W/m°C and 0.156 W/m°C respectively, determine the rate of flow through the boiler wall. Q = (AT)overall ERth (b) Air at 25 °C flows past a flat plate at 2.5 m/s. The plate measures 600 mm (length) x 300 mm (breadth) and is maintained at a uniform temperature at 95 °C. Calculate the heat loss from the plate, if the air flows parallel to the plate. Nuv Pr = 0.896 y = 1797 x 10-6 m²/s k = 0.04896 W/m K = 0.332Re,º 0.5 pp-0.333 [10] [10]/n(c) Water flows at the rate of 85 kg/min through a double pipe counter flow heat exchanger. Water is heated from 50 °C to 95 °C by an oil flowing through the tube. The specific heat of the oil is 1.680 kJ/kg.K. The oil enters at 150 °C and leaves at 85 °C. The overall heat transfer co-efficient is 450 W/m² K. Calculate heat exchanger area and rate of heat transfer for counter flow. ATIM = [(T₁ t₂) (T₂-t₁) In [124] - t₁ Q=UXA (AT)m [10]

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