Q6. Use Kirchhoff's Rules to find Current a) Set up the Loop Equations for Loop 1 traversed in the CW direction and Loop 2 traversed in the CCW direction. Label batteries and resistors as V₁, V2, R₁, R2, R3. b) Solve your equations to obtain expressions for the currents. You can plug in numbers, but if you get into trouble, solve them with the original symbols so you can keep track of your work. c) Let R300. Draw the resulting circuit. d) Use your equations you set up in part (a) to predict the value of the currents in this case./n+ R = 2 kΩ + επάνω = V = 1,6 V R2 = 1kΩ |Rg = 1kΩ Μ Εν =V2 = 14V

Fig: 1

Fig: 2