Question 22 of 30 The data in the accompanying bar graph are from a random sample of 864 adults. The graph shows four proposals to reduce gun violence in a country and the percentage of surveyed adults who favored each of these proposals. Complete parts (a) and (b) below. Percentage of Adults Favoring the Proposal 80- 40- 20- 68% poss Required gun registration a. Find the margin of error for this survey. The margin of error is ± %. (Do not round until the final answer. Then round to the nearest tenth as needed.) Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence 58% Ban on high-capacity magazines 56% Ban on assault weapons Abigail 49% Restrict amount or type of ammunition purchases b. Write a statement about the percentage of adults in the country's population who favor a ban on high-capacity magazines to reduce gun violence. There is 95% confidence that between % and % of all adults in the country favor a ban on high-capacity magazines. (Use ascending order. Round to the nearest tenth as needed.) Q Ⓒ Ⓒ

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