Question 3 Consider a 70 kg person, a 70 kg block of copper, a large bottle with 70 kg of ethanol,a container with 70 kg of water, and a 70 kg lump of dry clay. i) Rank the materials in order of the most to least energy required to raise the temperature by 1 °C. What assumptions are you making? ii) It is often said that the presence of large amounts of water on the surface of the Earth has a moderating effect on the daily temperature conditions. Thus, it can get much warmer 50 km away from the coast (where the surface is mainly clay soil) in comparison to coastal areas (where the surface contains lots of water). Why is this so? iii) It's a cold night and you fill a hot water bottle with hot water to keep your toes warm. Why is your hot water bottle able to keep warm for a long time?

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