Recently, airports around throughout the world have stepped up their security, and passengers have had to spend more time waiting to pass through security screening. At the Miami, Florida,airport officials each week select a random sample of passengers. For each person selected, the time spent in the security screening line is recorded. The waiting times (already sorted from high to low), in seconds, for one such sample of passengers are as follows: 1. Estimate the sample mean. 2. Estimate the sample standard deviation. 3. Estimate the sample variance. 4. Estimate the mode. 5. Estimate the median. 6. Estimate the 25th percentile. 7. What percentile does the score 802 make? 8. What is the 95th percentile? 9. Estimate the coefficient of variation 10. Plot a stem-and-leaf display for the given data. 11. Plot a frequency histogram for the data. 12. Plot a relative frequency histogram for the data. 13. Make a box plot for the above data.

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