Recommend a different temperature measurement device for each of thefollowing industrial applications: Molten glass in float glass furnace (1000 °C) Natural gas - air flame in float glass furnace (ca. 1600 °C) Constant temperature, sub-zero refrigerated space Control room ambient temperature Chemical reactor internal wall (ca. 800-1000 °C) (ii)Summarise one advantage associated with each of techniques you chosein (i), in the context of the application described in (i).[5 marks] Explain how gas-chromatography coupled with thermal conductivity detector (GC-TCD) is used as a method of gas concentration measurement.[5 marks] Give examples of three gas compounds that are commonly measured by GC-TCD, and provide examples of processes where the three compounds would co-exist. In each case of gas compound, provide an alternative method of measurement and comment on the disadvantages of such alternative methods.

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