Schematic of drag force measurement system utilized in sphere drag experiment:2. Label the functional instrument groups 1-3 in the diagram using our generic measurement system terminology from class (or F&B 1.2).а. b.Considering the system as four equivalent linear instruments connected in series: Instrument 1, consisting of the sphere/stinger/strut, balance, load cell and bridge circuit, and having a composite sensitivity K. of 4.0 mV/N and composite DC zero offset O, of 27 mV; Instrument 2, the amplifier, with a gain G, of 20DB and O, = -25 mV Instrument 3, the lowpass filter, with unity gain G. and O, = 9.0 mV; Instrument 4, the voltmeter, with K, = 1.03 (what units??) and O, = -11mV; i.Draw a block diagram for the 4-instrument system, labeling the intermediatesignals between instruments as x.y, and z respectively, with F the input and Wthe output. Construct an analytical expression for each Instrument's response function. iii.Derive the system response function. Determine the system sensitivity - evaluate the sensitivity at 1.0 N input force. v.Determine the force being measured if the voltmeter reads 0.72 volt.

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